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Comprehensive Landscape Design Begins With A Thorough Site Analysis

A site analysis of a property allows you to develop an as-built, a starting point before you begin the landscape design process. The site analysis is one of the most important parts of developing a long-term sustainable landscape….. It is Grant's Gardens, Inc. initial step in getting to know the project site.

A site analysis is a process of asking simple, but important questions about the site:

  1. How large is the site?

  2. What is the soil makeup of the site?

  3. What are the soil conditions on the site?

  4. Areas that are compacted on the site?

  5. Slope - the direction and percent of slope. Contour lines may have to be generated on the landscape plan.

  6. How does water drain on the site?

  7. What type of microclimate?

  8. What plants exist on the site?

  9. What native plants exist on the site?

  10. Unique characteristics

  11. Shady areas. Sunny areas.

  12. Where is the water table?

  13. How do the ocean tides affect the site?

  14. Existing buildings, fences, walks and other structures should be located on the landscape plan

  15. Utilities - all utilities above and below ground should be placed on the landscape plan.

  16. Legal aspects - deed restrictions, easements, building and zoning regulations, boundary lines, right of way and setbacks should be drawn on the landscape plan. Some cities have ordinances which prohibit the planting of plants within certain distances of the curb, the planting of certain plants, the construction of certain types and sizable brings, and the blocking of views.

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