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our services

Grant's Gardens, Inc. is a fine landscape gardening company, established in 2000. Through a passion for landscape design coupled with a keen interest in horticulture and arboricultural, our team has been able to develop a landscape company with a reputation for excellence. We work closely with our clients and collaborate effectively with the design team to ensure successful landscape projects. The maintenance of the property is paramount. Through effective communication and guidance our landscape maintenance crews will ensure that the landscape design flourishes to its full potential.

Landscape Design - As more people in Southwest Florida become concerned with the health of our environment, it becomes increasingly clear that our landscapes must not only meet the aesthetic and artistic requirements, but also best management practices and principles (BMPs). The typical landscape requires many inputs: time, money, labor, water, chemicals and fertilizers. At Grant's Gardens, Inc. we make every effort in our landscape designs to reduce pollution, conserve natural resources, maximize ecological function and look attractive.

landscape Installation - Right plant, right place and correct spacing are critical to the long-term health and vigor of a landscape. Coordination is vital! Procuring quality plant material, correct transport methodologies, sound staging protocol, good irrigation technique and correct planting principles ensure that the landscape establishes in the most sound ecologically and environmentally manner. As registered landscape contractors, ISA certified arborists, IA certified irrigation contractors, FL certified pest-control operators, ARCSA accredited rainwater harvesting professionals, Grant's Gardens, Inc. will coordinate all aspects of the landscape installation.

landscape Maintenance - is an attempt to develop a more holistic system that focus on healthy landscapes, Grant's Gardens, Inc. promotes sustainable and maintainable landscapes. Sustainable landscapes is as much a change in attitude is a change in technique. Not only does it emphasize turf and plant health of the pest management, it takes an E system approach that emphasizes working with nature instead of fighting nature, it sees proper culture as the foundation of a healthy landscape.

Grants Gardens specializes in Landscape Design and Florida-Friendly Landscape Maintenance Services For the Entire Sarasota / Bradenton Area Including, Sarasota, Longboat Key
Lido Key, Bird Key, Siesta Key, Osprey, Casey Key, Anna Maria Island and Bradenton. License# SL-A1749