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Landscape Irrigation

Landscape Irrigation photos A properly irrigated lawn will be healthy and not waste water...

Complete Landscape Irrigation Services Including Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Integrated Rainwater Harvesting, Greywater Recovery & More.

Landscape Irrigation Grants Gardens are your landscape irrigation experts. Our experienced and dedicated staff prides itself in creating highly effective irrigation systems that provide enough water to keep plants healthy growing beautifully, while not wasting water or causing issues for plants.

Our irrigation design team understands the highly dynamic water needs the climate in Sarasota creates. Lots of rain and heat in the summer, with a generally dry and hot fall and cool and dry winter. Only a properly designed and tuned irrigation system will perform correctly in our area.



Our professional and innovative irrigation design and installation service takes the following into account when begining any new irrigation system:

  • impervious and previous surfaces
  • rainwater collection
  • rainwater and/or runoff harvesting
  • rain gardens and bioswales/biocells
  • greywater recovery
  • drainage solutions
  • water efficient irrigation technologies
  • smart irrigation controllers or central control systems
  • irrigation controllers that utilize 100% weather-based or ET-based scheduling.
  • Use of flow sensors to monitor hydraulic conditions in the field - checks in real time for excessive flows caused by broken pipes, vandalized sprinklers or stuck valves.
    • If a problem is detected the system will:
    • locate the problem
    • isolate the valve or mainline
    • send alarm
  • correct planting hydrozones

Grants Gardens specializes in Landscape Design and Florida-Friendly Landscape Maintenance Services For the Entire Sarasota / Bradenton Area Including, Sarasota, Longboat Key
Lido Key, Bird Key, Siesta Key, Osprey, Casey Key, Anna Maria Island and Bradenton. License# SL-A1749