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Internet Based Irrigation Controllers

We are now installing internet based irrigation controllers that are tied into the local weather stations through the internet to help monitor irrigation needs on a real time basis.

These smart controllers have the ability to not allow your irrigation system to run the night before a rain event saving water and money in some cases. A traditional rain sensor shuts the system down only after enough rain falls to fill up the cup or cork in the rain sensor. The problem is if your system runs through its whole program and then the rain comes in an hour later you just wasted all that water that you didn’t need because the rain sensor didn’t know it was getting ready to downpour. The internet based controller does know it is going to rain and will not allow the system to run.

These controllers have apps that can be monitored and controlled with your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.

Call us for further info to make your irrigation system “smart” and start saving water today!

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