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Accurate Fertilizer Amounts for Your Landscape's Needs Keeps Plants Healthy and Growing

siesta key fertilizer program

A fertilizer program is basically the diet for your turf, shrubs, palms and trees. Just like the human body, the correct PH, quality and quantity of water, and correct amount of nutrients are vital to maintain health and vigor. The goal here is to apply what is needed; and the needs are constantly changing. Our program is never completely the same every year.

Weather factors and plant cycles are always changing and affecting the plants needs. Our fertilizer technicians on staff communicate daily with our maintenance managers and irrigation technicians about current conditions in the landscape. Constant scouting and consistent management are key to helping the landscape looking healthy and vigorous throughout the year.

A good fertilizer program is often one of the most overlooked components in choosing a good landscape maintenance contractor.

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    • I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the lighting. It looks so nice! It’s not overwhelming, which was exactly what I wanted, but really highlights the plantings.

      I think Angel did a great job. I think it’s great that he was able to put the transformer near the pool equipment and the wiring is completely out of sight. I saw him this morning and thanked him but please let him know again how much I appreciated his work.

    • Teresa and I wanted to express our appreciation for the great work your team has done in our garden on Bird Key Drive. The original conception is now in full evidence — what artistry!…

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    • Just wanted you to know that the “crew” did an excellent job of cleaning up the canal-side garden … it’s never looked so good!…

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    • Glenn, What a feat it was to get those HUGE trees planted, without disturbing a blade of grass anywhere else on the property. The removal of the Washingtonians was expertly accomplished as well…

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    • Glenn, Wow, what an amazing job yesterday! The precision needed to move these trees through the air was actually breathtaking! Everyone who saw this project was in complete amazement. And it was done without a flaw…

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