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Waterfront Landscaping Presents Challenges And Opportunities

Projects on Siesta Key, Longboat Key and other Sarasota area properties that are directly on the waterfront require a well-planned design that takes in account several factors.

First and foremost the design has to look great, but because the property is directly on the water extra care is needed to make sure any water that runs off the roof, and hard surfaces of the property is reduced to trapped to keep pollutants and excess fertilizer from washing into the bay.

Having a home directly on the water also some other issues that landlocked properties do not have to address. The side of the home that faces to water will need to maintain an open view, have functional access to the seawall and any dockage, but also have some degree of privacy for homeowners who want to enjoy the outdoors.

During late summer as hurricanes frequently pass by the Sarasota area on their way into the Gulf, they can cause the canals to jump their banks and flood the yard with saltwater. If your landscaper has not planned for this with salt tolerant plants, a large portion of the landscape could be damaged or even destroyed as too much salt will kill many plants.

Hardscape features like porous patios mad from brick rather than concrete will allow some run off water to seep through to the ground and give the homeowner a wonderful patio to use. Water features can help soften the feel of the area and add to sound of splashing water for the senses to enjoy.

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